Growing a small business in Kansas?

Are you growing a small business in Kansas? If so, how’s your business growing? What difference has the 2012 tax revision made on your company?

Recently on some of our visits with your state legislators and your Congressional representatives, we were asked, “How has the 2012 tax change impacted small businesses in Kansas?”

It’s a great question. And, we’re curious as well.

So, we’re asking you, our readers to weigh in on the changes to your business with this short poll. We’ll keep the poll open for a few days between now and February 15, 2016. Please take the time to let us know. And don’t worry; all answers are anonymous.

We appreciate your feedback and the opportunity to work with you every day as you grow your Kansas businesses.


The Kansas Small Business Development Center (Kansas SBDC) is a statewide small business* advising, consulting, and training service funded by federal, state, and local partners. Funding through your tax dollars allows the Kansas SBDC to provide advising and training (i.e. cash flow, marketing, market data) to businesses across the state at low or no-cost. The SBDC is part of a larger national association committed to helping small businesses reach their development, improvement, and transition goals. To learn more, visit

*A “small business” typically has less than 500 employees.