Understanding Sales Taxes: Kansas Sales Taxes & Use Taxes

(03/30/21) - State Contractor Sales Tax

This workshop is devoted exclusively to sales tax issues for construction contractors and subcontractors who provide plumbing, carpentry, electrical, roofing, heating/air conditioning, landscaping, oil field services, etc.

Courtesy of Kansas SBDC at Washburn                                                                                                                                           Video length 2:07:03

(03/30/21) - State Retailer's Sales Tax Workshop

This course explains the difference between the Kansas Retailers' Sales Tax, the Kansas Retailers' Compensating Use Tax, and the Kansas Consumers' Compensating Use Tax. You will gain a basic understanding of the goods and services subject to sales tax and applicable exemptions.

Courtesy of Kansas SBDC at Washburn                                                                                                                                          Video length 2:23:40

(11/5/20) - Agricultural Sales & Use Tax Workshop

This workshop will cover how sales and use tax apply to agriculture businesses.

Presented by Carl York, tax specialist, Kansas Dept of Revenue

Courtesy of Kansas SBDC                                                                                                                                                                Video length 1:58:11

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