Learn about business

No matter how long we’ve been in business, there’s always more to learn. Learn more about your business by taking advantage of the Kansas SBDC through low and no-cost workshops as well as no-cost confidential one-on-one consulting.

After Hours Auto Repair and Intake Studios, both in Wichita, Kansas, shared with KMUW in June of 2014 how working through the Kansas SBDC workshops and with Kansas SBDC consulting have benefited their thriving businesses.


For more than 30 years the Kansas SBDC network has offered low and no-cost business workshops, classes, and training at our centers and in collaboration with partners throughout the state. Due to increasing requests from small business decision makers and entrepreneurs, we have expanded our education and assistance to include online access to core business learning. We are currently in the process of offering specialty and advanced training for our existing small business owners.


Workshops – low and no cost

Face-to-face or live workshops are offered at Kansas SBDC centers around the state and are scheduled throughout the year. Most centers offer an introductory workshop “Introductory Meeting the 3 Ms – Learning the Basics of Money, Marketing & Management” to orient you to our services and get you started with the consulting process.  To learn more about each center and the specific workshops they offer, visit our locations page.

A partial list of workshops offered across the state and throughout the year include:


  • Staying Ahead of Your Competition
  • Building Customer Loyalty
  • Developing Your Online Presence
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing for Success
  • You are Your Best Salesperson! Sales Strategies for the Small Business
  • Developing Your Attention Grabbing 30-Second Introduction
  • Marketing With Your Cell
  • Marketing For Success
  • The Road to Success…Creating a Marketing Plan
  • How Good is Your Customer Service? Is it Good Enough?
  • Small Business Internet Basics: Websites, Social Networks, Search Engine Optimization, and Ads
  • Internet Marketing for Your Small Business
  • Small Business Marketing
  • Hypergrow Your Business



  • Starting a Business in Retirement
  • Quick Start Business Planning
  • The Right Start – Using a Business Plan
  • QuickBooks Beginner
  • QuickBooks Intermediate
  • QuickBooks Advanced
  • QuickBooks Payroll
  • Advanced QuickBooks Pro
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Buying a Business – Arm Yourself to Avoid Common Mistakes
  • Hiring Your First Employee
  • Negotiating Skills for the Small Business Owner: Creating Winning Results
  • Apps for Your Business
  • Idea to Enterprise
  • Small Business Owners and the Affordable Care Act: Understanding the Major Components
  • Start & Grow a Small Business



  • Improve Your Company’s Profitability: Understanding Financial Statements
  • Finding an Investor for Your Business
  • Competing for Government Contracts: Basic Training
  • Cash Flow Made Easy
  • Small Business Finance
  • Understanding Financial Statements
  • State Tax Workshop
  • IRS Small Business Tax Workshop
  • Unemployment Tax/Worker Classification Workshop
  • Sales & Use Tax for Agriculture Retail Business
  • Making Cent$ of Financial Statements
  • State Tax Workshop for Contractors

Online classes – No Cost

Online classes can be accessed 24/7/365 for your convenience. Each of the courses take between 30-120 minutes to complete and are beginner level. Courses offered en Español.

Starting Your Business
* Developing a Business Plan
* Conducting a Marketing Analysis
* Analyze your Competition
* Targeting Your Market
* Maintaining an Agile Company
* Creating a Competitive Advantage
* Creating a Strategic Plan
* Determining Your Business Legal Structure
* Protecting Your Business with Patents, Copyrights, and Trademarks

Managing Your Finances
* Preparing a Cash Budget
* Preparing a Balance Sheet
* Managing Your Cash Flow
* Running a Profitable Company
* Creating a Profit and Loss Statement
* Analyzing Your Financial Ratios
* Protecting Your Business with Contracts
* Assessing Your Company’s Financial Needs
* Partners and Investors
* Valuing a Business

Foundations of Marketing
* Pricing Products and Services
* Building Your Brand
* Promoting Your Business
* Advertising Your Business
* Building a Web Site
* Personalization Strategies to Attract and Retain Customers
* Identifying Your Sales Strategy

 In addition to our online classes we have an online Business Plan Tool that will walk you through developing a basic business plan.